In North America Dec 01–22, 2015

Check Out Helgi Gíslason’s Newest Art Exhibit in New York

The Agora Gallery presents “Persistence of Form,” a dynamic art experience.

If you’re looking for a collection that will surprise you with its depth and range, Icelandic Artist Helgi Gíslason’s newest exhibit, “Persistence of Form,” is worth experiencing. Based at the Agora Gallery in New York, the exhibit contains the artist’s bronze and iron sculptures which strike a contrasting balance between stability and instability, between energy and movement.

Gíslason called bronze an “inherently paradoxical” material for its ability to be both soft and flexible, but still hold a weighty presence in any room. The sculptures twist around themselves, some containing gaps that just hint where air might peek through the other side. Juxtaposition of opposite forces is important in Gíslason’s work; his technique, his vision, he says, is to “work with my sculptures in twilight between dream and reality.”

Want to experience that space between dream and reality through Gíslason’s eyes? Visit his “Persistence of Form” exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York from December 1 – December 22, 2015, with an opening reception on Thursday December 3 from 6-8 PM.

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