In Iceland Feb 04–07, 2021

Celebrate The Winter Season At Reykjavík’s Winter Lights Festival

The annual light show returns to Reykjavík from February 4-7, 2021.

Iceland’s Winter Lights Festival is an annual event that celebrates both the winter season and the growing sunlight after a long period of darkness in the country. The program reflects the many areas that make up Reykjavík’s capital area with the participation of all the major museums and thermal pools and consists of light installations, culture and outdoor activities. This year’s festival takes place from February 4-7.  

Additionally, every night during the festival light shows will be illuminated from 7-11pm. Visitors are invited to take a walk around the city center and experience the dazzling light installations. You can find a map of all of the installations here.

Check out our livestream from the event last year and let us know what you think of it on Facebook!