In Iceland Aug 24, 2019

Celebrate Reykjavík’s Annual Culture Night This August!

This popular festival kicks off the capital city’s cultural programming for the year.

On August 24th, Reykjavík will celebrate its 24th annual Culture Night! The all-day and night celebrations launch the official start of the city’s cultural institutions’ programming for the next year. The events will feature exhibits from museums, theaters and other public institutions that will be on display until August 2020. 

The festival is planned by and for Reykjavík residents. There is live music, performances and art shows that exemplify the city’s culture throughout the whole day. That said – anyone is welcome to join in on the festivities! Culture Night’s slogan, “Come On In!”, highlights Reykjavík’s widespread hospitality. The day-and-night celebration draws approximately 100,000 guests annually, making it Iceland’s most popular festival.

Organized by Visit Reykjavík, the day begins at 1pm with planned shows and performances that demonstrate Iceland’s rich, diverse culture. The celebrations go on until 11pm, when the night culminates with a spectacular fireworks show overlooking Reykjavík Harbor. Sponsored by Icelandic companies who want to uplift local cultural institutions and burgeoning individual artists, the event is free for anyone to enjoy!

In addition to being affordable, the day’s events are accessible for all citizens as well. Reykjavík’s downtown area will be transformed during the festival, making the city easily walkable for families. The city government will also make public transportation free throughout the day so every citizen can afford to enjoy the festival! A complete festival map is shown here.

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