In North America Apr 26–29, 2018

Celebrate Iceland and other Arctic Regions at the NXN Festival!

Meet with innovators, musicians, chefs and more at this festival celebrating the North.

Join eight northern regions as they all come together to bring the best of their ideas, cultures and more at the North by North Festival (NXN) in Alaska. The three-day festival, from April 26-29, is made up of discussions, art, music and food.

Leading innovators from Nordic areas and Alaska will host TED-style presentations and open discussions to introduce their latest ideas and developments. These talks will discuss climate change, sustainable communities, northern architecture and even health tips. Following these discussions, you can experience the ideas first-hand with Nordic films covering the same topics and cultural inspirations. The festival also offers opportunities for connecting and networking in between talks to reflect and share more information.

Attendees will be treated to Nordic and Arctic style cuisine during each meal period. Chefs from the Nordic area will design meals and tastings to create a unique food experience you can only find within these cultures, featuring the fresh seafood, meats and produce native to the areas.

After dinner, expect to be amazed by the nightly music concerts featuring artists from across the Arctic region. Icelandic musician Snorri Helgason is just one of the musicians playing at NXN. Snorri just debuted his first album, and at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2018, he was nominated for songwriter, lyricist and album of the year.

The NXN Festival will be held at the Anchorage Museum in Alaska and includes museum entry! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this unique festival honoring northern culture and history. You can register now here!

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