Nature & Environment Aug 18, 2014

You’ve Never Seen Iceland Quite Like This

Watch “The Undersea World Around Iceland” video series online.

When thinking of Icelandic wildlife, horses, arctic foxes and puffins probably come to mind. But did you know Iceland’s northern waters are chock-full of vibrant sea life?

Icelandic diver Erlendur Bogason decided to open up this underwater world to the public. He filmed and narrated 20 short videos (in both Icelandic and English) and published them online for free viewing. You can also watch the trailer here. “I think of it as a gift to Icelanders so that they can learn about life in the ocean and see what we have to offer,” said Erlendur, but the stunning videos can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

Filmed over the past few years, the videos feature underwater geothermal vents, or “hydrothermal chimneys,” “seaweed jungles,” and sea life in northern Iceland, including sea sponges, lumpfish, sea anemone and crabs, among others.  “We tried to find something special about each animal, so that each episode would center on something unique. We tell the story of the animals we feature,” Erlendur told Iceland Review.

Erlendur offers diving tours and runs at the Strytan Dive Center in the small fishing village of Hjalteyri, 13 miles north of Akureyri. The center offers three and five day diving trips that travel to Strytan, Arnarnesstrytan, the northern water circle and some of  Erlendur Bogason.