Food & Drink Jun 30, 2020

You Can Now Order Icelandic Glacial’s New Sparkling Water Flavors!

Tarocco Blood Orange and Indonesian Lemongrass will be available on July 15.

From the legendary Olfus Spring in Iceland, the purest tasting water on earth, Icelandic Glacial, will soon be available in 2 new sparkling flavors: Tarocco Blood Orange and Indonesian Lemongrass! The lightly carbonated beverages are non-GMO, have zero calories, zero sugar,feature all natural flavors and hold a naturally low mineral content.

This sparkling water is delicate and crisply carbonated; it’s the perfect beverage whether you’re drinking it on its own this summer or mixing it up in a cocktail. Icelandic Glacial’s water (both still and sparkling) is bottled at the Ölfus Spring, a natural and sustainable resource constantly replenished by a gradual filtration of rainfall and snowmelt. 

The new flavors will be available July 15 and can be purchased at this link. Be sure to let us know which flavor you will be purchasing in the comments below!