Nature & Environment Nov 24, 2014

Yahoo! Travel Features Iceland as the Ultimate Stopover Location

Glynnis MacNicol’s compelling recap of her Icelandic stopover provides readers firsthand insight into the exciting opportunities available to travelers embarking on an Iceland stopover. Her journey began in Reykjavik, a unique town in a unique country, rich in culture and full of adventures. How did MacNicol get there? She took advantage of an Icelandair stopover: Book any international flight on Icelandair, and spend up to seven days in Iceland for no additional airfare charge!

Once in Iceland, MacNicol met up with Vidar, her tour guide, and began her adventure. With its rugged terrain and volcanic landscape, from day one Iceland had already made a lasting impression on MacNicol. Vidar took her from Keflavik, the country’s quaint airport, to the bustling capital of Reykjavik.

MacNicol discovered many interesting facts and unique sights in Iceland, including the fact that Iceland is the world’s largest green-energy producer. Some of Iceland’s beaches have sands that are so warm from the abundant geothermal energy that they can literally bake bread in them, and the country’s numerous hot springs line the scenic countryside.

Of course, no trip  to Iceland is complete without a little culinary exploration, which for MacNicol included delicious lamb stew, hot Icelandic chocolate, and sweet rye bread baked under the sands and topped with creamy Icelandic butter. Iceland always provides the most delicious treats!

MacNicol couldn’t leave without experiencing some once-in-a-lifetime activities and sights, including visiting Gunner’s Geyser, doing 360 turns in a riverjet ride through Iceland’s narrow canyons, searching for the elusive yet stunning Northern Lights, and taking a dip at the Blue Lagoon for some rest and relaxation.

You can read Glynnis MacNicol’s complete recap of her Iceland stopover on Yahoo! Travel, and visitIcelandair to book your stopover today!

If you think that you’ll be overwhelmed by Iceland’s beautiful culture and landscape, just remember:  “Þetta reddast,” Iceland’s way of saying, “Don’t worry, it will be alright,”  and book your flight today!