Products & Services Oct 29, 2013

Win A Christmas Present From Iceland’s 13 Santa Clauses!

Enter our trivia contest for the chance to win one of 13 presents from Visit Reykjavik.

Christmas in Iceland is a fantastic experience, which is why Iceland Naturally and Visit Reykjavik want to bring a little bit of Iceland’s Christmas traditions to our fans!

Iceland has not one, but 13 Santa Clauses, known as “Yuletide Lads” or “jólasveinar” in Icelandic. One Yuletide Lad makes his way to town each day for the 13 days leading up to Christmas bearing gifts, candy, and sometimes pranks.

Correctly answer three trivia questions about Christmas in Iceland here and you will be entered to win one of 13 Icelandic presents from Iceland’s 13 Santas! The 13 gifts range from Icelandic wool sweaters (known as ‘lopapeysa’ in Icelandic) to Blue Lagoon gift sets, and one lucky winner will be picked each day from December 12-24. Click here to enter!

Merry Christmas! Or as we say in Icelandic, Gleðileg jól!