Music & Art Apr 16, 2020

Why Iceland Is An Art Lover’s Paradise

Guest post by Jenny Holt

Iceland is gaining recognition as an artist’s haven thanks to its thriving arts and culture scene. From art shops, museums, and galleries in the city to amazing sights that inspire works of art, here are all the reasons why Iceland is an art lover’s paradise. 

Amazing museums in Reykjavik
Reykjavik is home to the country’s art movement, where visitors can find museums that boast everything from traditional to contemporary art. One place that art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss is the Saga Museum, which showcases the history of the early Viking settlers in the country. Additionally, the Reykjavik Art Museum is where one can see exhibits from the country’s top artists such as Erro and Kjarval, and learn about the latest techniques. This institution periodically hosts workshops on the basics like drawing or sketching avian life, to more advanced techniques in mixed media art. Artists who want to brush up on their skills regularly go to this museum so they can learn, while gaining a deeper understanding of contemporary art. 

For something a little different, check out the Arbaer Open Air Museum to get a glimpse of what Reykjavik was like back in the day. This museum is made up of 20 buildings that depict how different people used to live many years ago, so visitors will have a chance to find out how a farmer used to tend to their livestock or how a teacher spent his or her days in the early 19th century. To add authenticity, employees and tour guides are dressed in era-appropriate clothing while they go about their business.

A yearly audio-visual festival
Every year, the best experimental musicians and visual artists gather at the Cycle Music and Art Festival to engage with different disciplines and techniques through audio-visual performances. Tentatively scheduled in light of current circumstances, this year’s festival will be held from June 16-17 in Reykjavik and it will feature a roster of up-and-coming artists from around the globe. Previous festivals featured the works of high-caliber artists including musician Childish Gambino and performance and visual artist Magnus Sigurdarson.

Take home a piece of Icelandic art
Iceland features various shops and galleries where one can purchase art works from local artists. One example is Góði Hirðirinn, a shop in Reykjavik that is home to unique antique paintings. Galleries such as i8 and Harbinger carry new artworks, artists books, and magazines. Kirsuberjatreo sells handcrafts from some of the best artisans in the country! Visiting these places allows you to take home a piece of real Icelandic art to serve as a memento of your stay.

Iceland is more than just a place to see the beauty of nature; it’s also where you can indulge in your love for the arts. Check out these places the next time you’re in the Land of Fire and Ice and see what you can learn from the best artists of this country. 

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