Food & Drink Jun 28, 2016

Where to Find the Best Veggie Burger in Reykjavik

We found the best veggie options for your next trip to Iceland!

Even though Iceland is only about the size of the state of Ohio, finding a good veggie burger is easier than you’d think for a country that specializes in Pylsur (lamb hot dog). Luckily, vegetarians won’t have to go hungry thanks to these yummy meat-free options.


With a name like Hamborgarabúllan, you know you’re in for a treat. “Bullan” has four locations throughout Iceland, all offering a burger-centric menu similar to what you’d see at home. Locals and tourists alike enjoy fries, shakes and burgers in these joints decorated with Christmas lights and handwritten menus. The veggie burger they offer is a perfect classic with lots of flavor and plenty of condiment options.


If you’re looking for comfort food in a relaxed environment, look no further than Roadhouse, whose English name can also be very comforting. Roadhouse’s large menu offers classic American appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, ribs and desserts. The unique veggie burger patty is made from smoked celeriac, a celery root that they prepare to be surprisingly juicy and flavorful, making this burger possibly the most underrated of the list.    

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar

Known all around Reykjavik for their stellar coffee, this cozy and rustic-looking cafe and bistro also serves delicious meals until almost midnight. As a bonus, Vesturbæjar’s veggie burger is 100% vegan and 100% worth trying out, with a vivid red patty made from compacted shredded beets that’s almost as pretty as it is delicious.   


The Laundromat Cafe (named for the actual laundromat in the back room) has one Icelandic location, as well as three in Denmark and one coming soon to Japan. While doing laundry, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner featuring an array of veggie options, including a tasty breaded vegetable patty piled high with red onions and cheese and served with a side of french fries.     


Prikið boasts being the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, and for that reason (and because of their filling and delicious food) it is always busy. This downtown staple just added a veggie patty option in combination with all of their burger menu selections, including the Jam Burger, filled with three types of jam and cheese and served with a large side of fries. The pub also offers an array of beers to top off your meal.


Block Burger

Everything from Block Burger’s logo to the melted cheese on the fries seem to be modelled after Shake Shack, but that doesn’t mean Block Burger hasn’t made a name for itself in Reykjavik. Many claim that Block Burger’s crispy and salty fries are the best in town, and the smaller portioned soy-based veggie burger is a perfect complement.  

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