Food & Drink Nature & Environment Oct 30, 2015

Watch Icelandic Glacial’s New Video Showcasing Iceland’s Scenic Beauty

Plus, meet the natural spring that is home to some of the purest water in the world.

Long ago, before man had discovered Iceland, sprawling glaciers and picturesque waters stretched throughout the region. Following a massive volcanic eruption, these glaciers and waters formed the legendary Ölfus Spring, a deep, underground spring that is the source of one of the purest spring waters in the world – Icelandic Glacial. For 5,000 years, water from rain, snow and ice have been filtered through layers of volcanic rock to produce an alkaline drink that is clean, crisp and, most importantly, untouched.

Icelandic Glacial boasts nutrition and quality that only Mother Nature can provide. The result of a perfect combination of environmental characteristics, the spring’s water features a naturally low mineral level for a clean, fresh taste, as well as a high alkalinity and healthy pH balance. These features come together to form a water so pure, it can move straight from the spring to the bottle.

See how Icelandic Glacial captures the world’s purest water in their new video below!