Food & Drink Products & Services Feb 25, 2016

Watch: Icelandic Glacial Puts Modern Spin on a Classic Diet Coke Ad

We bet you never expected this plot twist!

Coca Cola knows how to make a good commercial, but that didn’t stop Icelandic Glacial from trying to make a few improvements. Putting a modern new spin on this hilarious Diet Coke commercial from 1994, Icelandic Glacial hired Instagram star and model Brock O’Hurn to play the role of their handsome muse. This time set on a sunny beach, the new Icelandic Glacial commercial has a great twist in store for fans of the handsome, bearded model.

In the original commercial from 1994, a group of professional women drop everything at exactly 11:30 to ogle a hunky construction worker as he takes his daily break outside their office building – with a cold Diet Coke in hand, of course. In Icelandic Glacial’s reimagined commercial, the women aren’t alone in their appreciation…they’re joined by a male coworker who goes absolutely crazy for the surfer, too! Check out the full advertisement below:

Leave it to an Icelandic brand to come up with something so simple yet so engaging and creative. “Well it felt like the right thing to do, just very natural…” noted Jón Ólafsson, Icelandic Water Holdings chairman, in response to the inclusion of a gay character in the new ad. “I don’t discriminate between people based on their sexuality or their gender, race, faiths etc…In my mind people are people; either they’re good human beings, beautiful on the inside, or they’re not. Simple as that. And I believe people have the right to be who they are; that’s just basic human rights. Nobody should be forced to be somebody else.”

We love Icelandic Glacial’s modern, inclusive twist on this classic ad. Which other classic commercial would you like to see Icelandic Glacial remake? Let us know in the comments below!