News Nov 02, 2015

The Washington Post: The Icelandair Stopover of a Lifetime

Experience the wonder of Iceland through Icelandair’s unique stopover program.

Thanks to Icelandair’s excellent marketing campaign, a heart-stopping article has surfaced from the Washington Post detailing the incredible amount of experiences and activities that can be packed into a single stopover in Iceland. Icelandair offers stopovers as long as seven days or as short as a single day. Iceland is in the perfect geographical position between the East Coast of the United States and the bulk of Europe, making it the perfect stopover destination to help avoid serious jetlag.

The article details one family’s amazing stay in Iceland and just how much they were able to pack into a stopover from France to the United States. The family visited the Blue Lagoon, the renowned geothermal hot spring, and Skessa, the papier-mâché guardian of Keflavik (a product of the annual “Night of the Lights” festival). Of course they didn’t dare miss out on Thingvellir National Park and its converging tectonic plates, resulting in gorgeous cliffsides, breathtaking waterfalls and the largest lake in Iceland. Along the way they even discovered the Ishestar Riding Center outside Reykjavik, where the kids could experience some local fauna and ride Icelandic horses!

Within the city, their Reykjavik-based hotel was close enough for leisurely strolls through lovely Old Town to Hallgrimskirkja, the landmark concrete church, as well as Baejarins Beztu Pylsur on the waterfront, where they could sample the famous fried-onion hot dogs. Reykjavik is great for kids as well, who found a wealth of geothermal pools to swim and frolic in. There was no shortage of museums in Reykjavik either. For example, they discovered Landnamssyningin, a settlement exhibition built around the ruins of an original Viking longhouse. In the afternoons they indulged in sandwiches at cafes like Mokka Kaffi or delicious noodle dishes at Nudluskalin. They were also entranced by Icelandic mythology: with the magnificent volcanoes, glaciers and northern lights it was easy to get lost in tales of Huldufolk, traditional Icelandic tales of invisible elves and fairies. Can you blame them? Icelandair’s stopovers certainly do have a magical quality to them.

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