News Sep 21, 2016

Volkswagen is Moving to Verne Global’s Icelandic Data Center

Verne Global is helping Volkswagen innovate its manufacturing with a move to Iceland.

Verne Global announced this morning that Volkswagen will be moving more than 1 MW of high performance computing (HPC) applications to the company’s data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland. This is huge news for the data center industry in Iceland, whose 100% renewable energy has made it more reliable, secure and cost-effective to house data centers in the Nordic country.

Through its hybrid approach of variable resiliency and flexible density, Verne Global is able to provide Volkswagen with its HPC needs. What exactly is HPC? High performance computing, which aggregates computing power to deliver a higher performance than one could get out of a standard desktop computer. HPC is needed to solve large problems in science, engineering and business, which is exactly what Volkswagen plans to do with the move to Verne Global.

Volkswagen will utilize HPC applications for “everything from shortening design cycles, traffic optimization, developing and improving the connected car and more.” This is all in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to developing a “digital factory” for today’s automotive industry.

A global company with facilities in Iceland, Verne Global is a world leader in data center infrastructure design. With the scale and complexity of enterprise and supercomputing requirements continuing to grow, Verne Global is leading the way to reduce power risks and realize long-term total cost of ownership savings. The company’s Icelandic facility helps customers achieve this goal by utilizing the country’s 100% renewable energy, thanks in large part to Landsvirkjun, powering its plant through geothermal and hydro-electric sources.

Want to learn more about Iceland’s data centers? Check out Iceland’s national power company, Landsvirkjun!