Music & Art Mar 18, 2019

Vök Releases New Album: “In the Dark”

The Icelandic electronic-pop band recently released their long-anticipated sophomore album

From Björk to Kaleo, Iceland has long been revered for introducing the most unique and creative musical artists to the world. Vök, the three-piece, electronic indie-pop band and Taste of Iceland alum is the latest Icelandic band to take to the international stage with  their latest album, “In the Dark.” Released earlier this month, the band’s sophomore album dares to explore new musical risks and modern themes.

Though they have now achieved high recognition around the world, Vök has humble beginnings: in 2013, the band was thrown together when members Margrét Rán and Andri Már decided to enter ‘Músíktilraunir’, an annual music contest in Iceland. The problem was that they didn’t have any songs to actually perform. But in just a few weeks, they composed a collection of tracks and ended up winning the entire competition! The duo then became a trio when guitarist Ólafur Alexander joined the band. Shortly after, they released their first EP, “Tension” via Icelandic indie label Record Records, and in 2017, they released their debut album, “Figure.”

Described as an electronic dream-pop band, their sound consists of “electronics with melodic vocals, distant saxophones and clean reverberated guitars.” This album marks the band’s most accomplished work to date as they expand their musical talent with imaginative singles such as “Night & Day” and “Spend the Love”. Take a listen to the full album below!

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