Nature & Environment Oct 02, 2019

Vök Baths Takes a Sustainable Approach to Relaxation

The floating pools use local food and brew beer from the water of the lake.

Opened in July 2019, Vök Baths are Iceland’s first and only floating pools, located in the natural hot springs of Lake Urriðavatn. The unique arrangement allows guests to soak in the hot water, within and surrounded by the lake. 

Underwater hot springs that stream warm water to the surface of the lake shaped the layout and design of the pools, and complement the natural environment,while demonstrating the deep respect Icelanders have for the surrounding nature. 

Located intrinsically within the nature surrounding it, Vök Baths is committed to upholding excellent standards of sustainability. They use minimal plastic and ensure all packaging is organic and recyclable. All wooden features at Vök Baths are made from ethically sourced trees raised and felled in East Iceland. The tasty food available at the site is all locally sourced and organic where possible – Vök Baths work closely with neighbouring farmers to deliver the best possible seasonal components to every meal. They even partnered with a local microbrewery, Austri Brugghús, to produce two distinct and delicious Vök craft beers brewed using the hot water from Lake Urriðavatn!

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