Products & Services Sep 25, 2014

Visit Reykjavik Unveils New Slogan: Reykjavik Loves

The campaign seeks to make visitor's trips to Reykjavik even more memorable.

In search of a look and feel that represents the city’s uniqueness and diversity, Visit Reykjavík recently refreshed its marketing efforts for Reykjavik City and is proud to present “Reykjavík Loves.” This new marketing campaign will help make every visitor’s trip to Reykjavik even more memorable.

The new concept represents Reykjavík as a warm and welcoming host that invites its guests to the city with open arms. The idea behind the campaign is to play with the true colors of Reykjavik: The main color being blue from the sky, with the supporting colors drawing inspiration from the iconic colorful rooftops, the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, the lush green grass and other colors that identify the city‘s unique appearance.

The slogan “Reykjavik Loves“ captures the diversity of Reykjavik as a destination. It represents a certain feeling of humbleness and encourages Icelanders to care for the city’s guests, and to help travelers create positive, lasting memories of their time in Reykjavik.

Use the hashtag #ReykjavikLoves on Facebook and Twitter to share what you love most about Reykjavik, and to help spread the news about this exciting campaign. Click here to see all that Visit Reykjavik has to offer.