Music & Art Jan 29, 2014

VH1 Visits “Magical” Iceland

So many films have been filmed in Iceland in the last few years that VH1 suggests we “might as well start calling Reykjavik ‘Hollywood East’.” From green valleys and enormous flowing waterfalls to rocky volcanic flatlands, snow-capped mountains and black sand beaches, Iceland’s diverse landscape allows for the filming of drastically different scenes with little travel. VH1 points out that, in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty alone, Iceland plays three countries; Greenland, Iceland and Afghanistan.

Following in Ben Stiller’s footsteps, VH1 found out that Stiller rented a home from a local dentist for his family to stay in during filming and truly immersed himself in Icelandic culture. Stiller’s meals were catered by Humarhofnin, known for its distinct take on local langoustine and he truly enjoyed his stay, mentioning that Reykjavik is a great and fun city and the smaller coastal towns are scenic and quaint.

VH1 writes that Iceland “is a destination you’ll likely want to return to again and again in your dreams if you’re lucky enough to visit,” a sentiment we’ve certainly heard before.

Click here to read the article in VH1 and to watch a video interview with Ben Stiller.