Music & Art Apr 12, 2018

Upcoming Icelandic Art Exhibits in the US!

Find out about the new exhibits from these international artists and when they will be coming to the US!

Ragnar Kjartansson will be displaying his unique exhibit in Austin, Texas this April and May. Featuring his kinetic sound sculpture, the S.S Hangover, this hand-painted boat will sail on a lagoon at The Contemporary Austin and musicians aboard the boat will perform an opera by Kjartan Sveinsson as the sculpture sails in circles. Kjartansson first began his career painting and now works primarily in film, video, and performance. He is known for bringing musicians, actors, and theater sets into galleries for a unique and exciting art experience. For more details on this exhibit click here.


Be sure to check out a collection of Icelandic and international artists from April to July at the North Carolina Art Museum! You Are Here: Light, Colour and Sound Experiences is created by Bill Viola, James Turrell, Janet Cardiff, Olafur Eliasson, and Ragnar Kjartansson. Together, these artists created an immersive art experience that takes up an entire floor at the museum. This exhibit uses cutting-edge technology, experimental design, and digital media to create a modern and exciting art piece that is sure to entice all visitors. You can find more details on this exhibit here.


From March 30 to June 17 you will find Ragnar Kjartansson’s work in the Cincinnati Art Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kjartansson’s work is a multi-channel video piece: “The Visitors and 6 Scenes from Western Culture.” This installation consists of multiple voices and sounds coming together in song revealing heartbreak, solace, and deep emotion. Kjartansson typically creates experiences in his art, from endurance based performances to video installations. Kjartansson says his works are “always about a feeling, but there’s no story.” To find out more about this show click here.

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