Food & Drink Jul 15, 2014

Uni Stefson Releases New Music

One-half of Icelandic band Retro Stefson, Uni launches a solo project.


A member of the Icelandic electro-pop band Retro Stefson, Uni Stefson recently launched a project of his own. With his first solo single, Enginn Grætur, Uni takes a noted departure from Retro Stefrson’s high-energy “party grooves.”

Some lyrics in his new song are taken from a 19th century Icelandic poem, Enginn Grætur. “The poem is written by Jónas Hallgrímsson… it’s about a long lost love, he’s reminiscing about her since his school days,” Uni told Icelandic Music.  Another source of inspiration for the melancholy song was the long and sunless Icelandic winter: “The darkness slows everything down, it’s easy to get depressed when there is total darkness,” said Uni.

Uni prefers to write his songs and then search for the right musician to collaborate with. For his first solo single, he partnered with Viktor Orri Arnason, who did the string arrangement in the song. Also featured on the track are Tómas Jónsso on keyboard and producer Friðfinnur Oculus Sigurðsson. “The vocal is powerful, driving, with Viktor Orri Árnason helping to piece those evocative strings together,” writes Clash Music.

Click here to listen to Enginn Grætur on Soundcloud. If you love Uni’s new song, stay tuned for more from the musician in the coming months!