Food & Drink Aug 03, 2020

Try Feed the Viking’s New Lamb Jerky!

Feed the Viking is made with the highest quality Icelandic Lamb, beef and cod.

Since Feed the Viking began in 2016, its mission has been to create adventure-friendly jerky from premium-quality Icelandic protein. The company aims to amplify the worth of Icelandic farmers’ and fishermen’s world-class products and to spread Iceland’s unique resources across the world.

Founder Friðrik Guðjónsson was first inspired to create jerky following a rescue mission on an icy Icelandic plateau. A search and rescue team responded to a group of fatigued hikers and passed a bag of American beef jerky to the group. The jerky replenished the hikers and gave them the energy they needed to trek down the mountain. After hearing about this experience, Guðjónsson realized that Icelandic Lamb and beef would be perfect for making jerky, and he set out to make his own. 

Currently, the company offers four types of jerky: Icelandic Lamb – lightly seasoned with sea salt and herbs; sweet and spicy beef; and Atlantic cod, with and without white cheddar. They’re developed to be nutritious and handy on the go, naturally rich in protein and packaged in resealable bags.

Feed the Viking also offers freeze-dried Lamb Stew, based on the traditional kjötsúpa (meat soup). The lamb stew cooks in the bag when boiling water is added, making it a tasty, convenient meal. 

The Feed the Viking team is made up of CEO Friðrik, master chef Ari Karlsson, and marketing and sales director Daníel Daníelson. Together, the team works to provide the best quality jerky and to share Iceland’s pure and natural resources with the world. 

Are you ready to try a taste of Iceland and Feed the Viking? Order now on the Feed the Viking website!