News Feb 01, 2011

Try to become ‘The Last Bostonian Skating’ to win a trip to Iceland from Icelandair

The Last Bostonian Skating will take place March 5, 2011 at the Kendall Square Community Ice Skating Rink from 12-5

Welcome to the official page of the Icelandair First Annual Last Bostonian Skating*, a truly unique event benefiting Icelandair’s own Special Children’s Travel Fund and the Children’s Hospital Boston.

The Last Bostonian Skating is designed to bring an exciting and creative event to Icelandair North America’s recent headquarters in the Boston area.  Participating teams will compete in a series of trials, testing their endurance, speed, showmanship, and creativity in the ultimate quest to win a trip to Iceland and raise money for a greater cause. 

Come out with your family and friends on March 5th to the Kendall Square Community Ice Skating Rink to enjoy a FREE skate, enter to win a trip to Iceland, support the Icelandair Special Children’s Travel Fund, and witness this spectacular new Boston event with some Icelandic flavor.

» To sign up to participate, click here.

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