Food & Drink Jul 15, 2014

Tradition for Tomorrow: Safeguarding Nordic Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Nordic folk music and dance festival will take place this August in Akureyri.


Organized by the Nordic Committee for Folk Music, Tradition for Tomorrow is a platform for practitioners, scholars and officials to explore methods to safeguard Nordic folk music and dance.

Members of the Nordic Committee for Folk Music discovered that the general public, artists, cultural operators and decision makers in the Nordic countries know little about the incredible variety of folk music & dance traditions that exist in each others countries. The main purpose of Tradition for Tomorrow is to build a bridge between the tradition bearers and the officials, and create a platform where these different groups of people can communicate in a meaningful and lasting manner.

The festival takes place of the course of four days of fabulous music, dance and discussion. Through conference, workshops and performances, the project facilitates dialogue between practitioners, researchers and officials, investigates Nordic multiculturalism and seeks a common Nordic heritage of music and dance while presenting the unique traditions within each country.

Keynote presenters at this year’s conference include Egil Bakka, Kristiina Ilmonen, Sofia Joons and Tom Sherlock. Participants can take part in workshops to learn how to play the fiddle, langspil or kantele, or learn Swedish folk songs and Norwegian folk dances.