Business & Government Jan 18, 2017

Tourist Information Centre Opens in Reykjavik City Hall

Stop by the centre before embarking on your Icelandic adventure.

On Monday, January 16, Iceland’s newest tourist information centre opened its doors to the public. The Reykjavik Tourist Information Centre is now located in City Hall, where it will serve as a welcoming station for all tourists looking to experience all Iceland has to offer.

The Tourist Information Centre employs nine people and is open daily throughout the year, with the exception of  Christmas Day. Last year, the center helped 475,000 tourists create the ultimate Icelandic getaway by helping them book guided tours and encouraging travelers to experience Icelandic culture at its finest.

In addition to creating unforgettable memories, the Tourist Information Centre collaborates with Safe Travel, which is run by Icelandic Search and Rescue (Ice-SAR), to promote safe travel throughout the country.

Áshildur Bragadóttir, director of Visit Reykjavík said, “I am truly pleased to open the Tourist Information Centre in City Hall, which is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city and one of the places that tourists visit during their stay. This beautiful building is in the heart of central Reykjavík, and the new location of the Information Centre is sure to be an added stimulus to the surrounding area. There are exciting times ahead in tourism and I am looking forward to addressing them in collaboration with the company Guide to Iceland.”

Find more information about Visit Reykjavik and the Tourist Information Centre here.