Nature & Environment May 26, 2016

Top Five Romantic Places to Visit in Iceland

Follow this insider’s guide to Iceland’s most romantic scenery.

1. Þórsmörk

Þórsmörk is a southern Icelandic mountain ridge named after the Norse god, Thor. The valley is settled in between two arctic glaciers, and is sprinkled with black sands and covered with lush mountains and running streams. After driving into the range via coach bus or 4×4, one of the most wild and isolated areas in Iceland is all yours. While there, hike some of the scenic mountains for breathtaking views with your partner, soak in the geothermal pools by the edge of the forest, enjoy a candlelit dinner and sleep at the Volcano Huts, with perfect views of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano and glacier.     

2. Seyðisfjörður

Seven hours by car – or an hour by plane – east of the tourist center of Reykjavik lies the charming town of Seyðisfjörður, at the innermost point of the Seyðisfjörður fjord. Nestled near the crisp blue water in a valley between green mountains, this town boasts a friendly and vibrant atmosphere with 700 people. Discover rushing waterfalls, the flourishing creative art scene or participate in many of the more athletic activities like golfing, kayaking, or snowshoeing. Or if you’re looking for more one-on-one relaxation, stay in town and enjoy the historical district and the traditional sky blue church and colorful Icelandic houses.

3. ​Þingvellir National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the first national park in Iceland, Þingvellir National Park lies in the southwestern region of the country, near the Hengill volcanic area and Þingvellatavn Lake, the largest natural lake in Iceland. Þingvellir is most known for its Parliament, which was settled in 930, and served as the annual meeting place for all Norwegian, Celtic and Norse settlers in Iceland up until the 1800s. Today, couples looking for a taste of history can still see the meeting place where Iceland was born. Another big draw to Þingvellir is Silfra Lake, which is a part of the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. These separated plates have created a rift in the lake, allowing scuba divers and snorkelers to swim in between two continents and enjoy the clear views underwater.     

4. Breiðafjörður

Cruise around the many beautiful islands in the bay of Breiðafjörður, taking in the seascape and numerous wild animals that inhabit the area, including puffins and seals. Many of these boat cruises include lunch for two with seafood and white wine to complement the beautiful surroundings. While in the bay, make a stop at one of the few inhabited islands, Flatey, which is inaccessible to cars, to get a closer look at some puffins and beautifully restored Icelandic houses.

5. Skagafjörður

In northern Iceland lies the long bay of Skagafjörður, where the farmland is vast and horses roam the fields. Visit Langhus Farms for a special, personal tour of the area on Icelandic horses, which the county is famous for. You can stay at the Hestasport Cottages in the heart of Skagafjörður that are propped up on the hills with relaxing natural hot tubs available to guests. While at the bay, take a walk over to the cliffsides near the ocean, which give you a perfect view of three prominent rocky islands: Malmey, Drangey, and Lundey (literally translated to “Puffin Island,” where you can go on sightseeing tours).

Everywhere you turn in Iceland, you are faced with new picture-perfect landscapes. These five locations are a good start to discovery and exploration with someone you love, but they are not the end. Have you been to any of these places? Is there anywhere we missed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @IcelandNatural.