Nature & Environment Sep 25, 2012

Time-Lapse Video Exhibits Iceland’s Beauty

Doug and Karen Urquhart, natives of Atlanta, Georgia, spent two weeks in Iceland celebrating their third anniversary. After documenting the trip in 25,000 photographs, Doug Urquhart created this amazing time-lapse video exhibiting the beauty of Iceland’s stunning landscape.

As Urquhart says in the video description, “These visuals truly do not do it justice, but they at least offer a brief glimpse into the landscape and wild geothermal pools of Iceland.” Click here to watch the video and get swept away by Iceland’s beauty, and read Urqhart’s full description of the video here:

“In celebration of our 3-year wedding anniversary, Karen and I travelled to Iceland for two weeks of relaxation and exploration together. I documented parts of our trip with time-lapse photography in an attempt to share our experiences with others. Iceland is a land of many geological wonders and extremely unpredictable and ever-changing weather. These visuals truly do not do it justice, but they at-least offer a brief glimpse into the landscape and wild geothermal pools of Iceland. The midnight sun had passed (as well as the tourist high season) and the nights were rapidly becoming longer as we transitioned into the month of September. Although the Solar Maximum is just around the corner, the auroral activity was very low for a majority of our travels. After 11 nights of cloudy conditions and a unexpected geomagnetic flat-line, we were eventually treated to a stunning Aurora show over the lesser travelled shore of Jökulsárlón that lasted for a majority of the night.

We started our adventure in Reykjavik around 7am on Sunday, August 26th, 2012. From Reykjavik we travelled to the West Fjords, Troll Peninsula, Mývatn, Askja, Vatnajökull, Landmannalaugar and everywhere else in between that we could reach before our departure back to our home in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, September 8th, 2012. We camped for a majority of the trip and slept comfortably thanks to the bomber Mountain 25 tent.

Thanks to Icelandair, Go Iceland Car Rental, Room with a View, Kirkjubol in Bjarnardalur, Grettislaug, Fossholl Guesthouse, Vogafjos-Guesthouse, Dreki Hut, Hotel Skogar, Guesthouse Skálafell, Guy Thorsby for the Mountain 25 tent, Jim & Margi Urquhart for watching our Siberian Huskies, Jennifer Rice-Morton, Paul Zizka for the beta and anyone else who helped us along the way. Huge thanks to Ríkharðour for the late-night assistance when our suv got stuck.”

For more information, check out this Huffington Post article about the video.