Music & Art Jun 20, 2013

TIME: Iceland Ranked the Most Peaceful Country in the World

Last Tuesday, the Institute for Economics and Peace released their annualGlobal Peace Index, which ranked Iceland the most peaceful country in the world for the sixth time in a row.

The report analyzes the state of peace around the world, identifying trends in violence and conflict, as well as the key drivers of peace. The analysis includes a ranking of 162 countries according to 50 indicators, such as the percentage of GDP spent on military expenditures, the ease of access to small arms, and the level of organized crime. The indicators are aggregated into three scores measuring the degree of militarization, the presence of domestic and international conflict, and the safety and security of civil society.

Iceland has consistently taken the top slot every year since the Index began in 2008. The country earns the title of most peaceful country in the world thanks to its lack of conflict, low crime and homicide rates, and a minimal jailed population (“among the smallest proportions in the world” according to the report). In fact, all but two of Iceland’s GPI measures of safety and security in society received the lowest possible scores, and Iceland ranks 1st in the world for internal peace. Below, you can see Iceland’s three combined scores.

To see all stats, visit the Global Peace Index’s interactive map.

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