Literature Sep 30, 2019

These Translators Are Bringing Icelandic Literature to the Global Stage!

Learn all about the translators helping Icelandic texts reach international audiences.

The Icelandic language is largely only spoken and written in Iceland. This means that authors who write in Icelandic rely heavily on translators who translate their works into foreign languages. Luckily, the Icelandic Literature Center has released a new, updated list of active translators who are capable of taking Icelandic works and translating them into several languages to bring Icelandic literature to more parts of the world.

The role of the Icelandic Literature Center is “to raise awareness of Icelandic literature, both in Iceland and abroad, and to promote its distribution,” however, the center cannot do it all by itself. The international growth of Icelandic literature is also thanks to publishers and authors who consistently work to translate their piece, appear in various literary events and even meet with their readers.

Translators who rework Icelandic texts into foreign languages can be found on this website, together with information about their education, career and selected translations. More translators will be added to the list in the future and the Icelandic Literature Center hopes that “the website will become a useful database for everyone searching for a translator.”

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