Food & Drink Feb 21, 2018

Taste Authentic Icelandic Haddock in New York

Try the delicious fish at New York-based restaurants Tom Wahl’s and Bill Gray’s!

Icelandic haddock is known for its sweet taste and light white color characterized by Iceland’s cold waters. New York state chain restaurants, Tom Wahl’s and Bill Gray’s include the delicious and sustainably-sourced haddock on their menus, giving New Yorkers an authentic taste of Icelandic haddock.

Tom Wahl’s, created in 1955, is a staple for upstate New Yorkers and a widely recognized family tradition. It’s primarily known for its ground steaks, but restaurant goers often indulge in the delectable Icelandic haddock in a sandwich or on its own!

The first Bill Gray’s location opened up in 1938 in Webster, NY and grew to multiple locations within the Rochester and Buffalo, NY areas. Bill Gray’s, known for its famous cheeseburgers, also offers customers crispy, fried Icelandic haddock!

If you’re located in the upstate New York area, let us know what you think of Tom Wahl’s and Bill Gray’s Icelandic haddock by tweeting us @IcelandNatural!