Products & Services Apr 24, 2017

Study the Icelandic Language for Free!

Learn how to pronounce those tricky Icelandic phrases you can’t seem to get right.

Although the majority of people in Iceland speak English, it’s nice to be able to converse in the native language of the country you’re visiting. Thanks to Icelandic Online, learning one of the world’s oldest languages has never been easier (or cheaper)!

The free online courses are given through the University of Iceland. There are three different course levels so whether you’re just being introduced to the language or are an expert linguist, there are classes for everyone!

Survival Course: This beginners course is perfect for new Icelandic residents or tourists looking to impress the locals with a few common Icelandic phrases. The course allows you to learn the language through a series of interactive, visual and audio exercises.

CEFR Courses: Want to take your knowledge of the Icelandic language a step further? The CEFR Course is a five level program centered around themes relevant to life in Iceland. The university recommends you take these courses in the order listed online.

Icelandic Online+: This is the most advanced course offered by the university. Students will receive feedback from a tutor on grammar, written exercises, and vocabulary. This is the only course offered that is not free. However, it is based on the free courses from Icelandic Online so you will get a good idea of what it looks like if you sign up. Register for the advanced class here.

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