Food & Drink Oct 17, 2019

The Story Behind Olgerdin’s Opal Spirit and Candy

The Opal spirit and its non-alcoholic licorice candy allow people of all ages to celebrate an Icelandic tradition.

Iceland’s traditions run deep, and the country’s rich culture surrounding liquor is no exception. The manufacturer of the popular Opal spirit, Olgerdin, is one of Iceland’s oldest breweries and is responsible for much of the country’s liquor production. This company remains at the forefront of Icelandic consumption because it incorporates a key flavor into drinks and candies that locals love: licorice.  

Liquor has long been celebrated in Icelandic culture because beer was illegal until 1989, making local spirits a historic staple. To share this tradition with everyone, Olgerdin started to replicate the flavors of its Opal spirit into licorice candies that children can enjoy. 

This treat is not just for children, though. Many adults also enjoy the menthol and licorice candy because of its nostalgic and comforting flavor: Icelanders say the Opal spirit and its candies are present at most holiday celebrations because its flavors are so significant to the local culture.

Aside from Opal and its non-alcoholic candies, Olgerdin also produces one of the country’s favorite spirits, Brennivin, as well as other Icelandic beers and sodas. The company uses state of the art quality control systems and fully monitors production from raw materials to the finished product.

In Iceland, Olgerdin’s Opal spirits are available in government-run shops and duty-free stores in airports, while the flavored candies can easily be found in gas stations or convenience stores. The liquor can also be purchased with a higher alcohol concentration in the United States. Opal is available at: 

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