Nature & Environment Apr 26, 2016

South Tour: Experience all that South Iceland Has to Offer

Get off the beaten path and take a tour with the locals.

If you want a unique experience of Iceland, South Tour, a tour by the locals, is perfect for you.

The tour was created just over a year ago at a dining table when a group of native Icelanders decided it was time to give travelers a real feel for what South Iceland has to offer. Who’s better to do that than those who grew up there? Whether you want a short three hour tour on horseback or snowmobile, or if you want to spend the day exploring the hot springs, these south Icelanders will give you a tour you won’t forget.

With South Tour, flexibility is key. The company enables you to plan your own trip whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. You can choose what you see on the southern coast and how long you visit for. They offer morning, day and evening tours in order to create a schedule that can be utilized to fit all travelers’ needs.

Day tours offer you the time to experience the south in all its natural beauty and charm, whereas the evening tours give you the opportunity for a distinctive view of the south coast under the breathtaking night sky. The activity tours allow you to choose between a relaxing laid-back outing or an exhilarating excursion.

South Tour is constantly looking to improve their services to provide travelers the best experience possible. If you have any suggestions or want to plan a trip, visit their website and send them a message!