Nature & Environment Feb 26, 2018

South Iceland is Luxury Travel Guide’s Outdoor Activity Destination of 2018!

Chosen as this year’s best outdoor activity destination, South Iceland is an adventurer’s paradise.

South Iceland is Luxury Travel Guide’s Outdoor Activity Destination of the year for all the amazing nature, relaxation and cultural opportunities it awards all travelers. The region is home to many unique features that make Iceland special, such as immense glaciers, black sand beaches, flowing waterfalls and natural geothermal energy. South Iceland’s national parks, Thingvellir National Park and Vatnajokull National Park, as well as Katla UNESCO Global Geopark, make the area an adventurer’s paradise.

South Iceland holds bountiful lowland agricultural communities and high, enticing mountain peaks to appease all types of travelers and fill them with a sense of adventure. Other outdoor activities include scenic walks, bird watching, ice climbing, kayaking, 4-wheeling adventures, river rafting, horse riding and the Njáll’s Saga Tours, amongst many more.

South Iceland’s highlands offer incredible exploration opportunities and even better views. One of the region’s tallest peaks is of the Kerlingarfjӧll Mountains, which is a hiker’s dream! Lake Frostastadavatn is 573 meters above sea level and is surrounded by black lava fields and rhyolite mountains, creating a picture-perfect scene. The lake is a fisherman’s haven, as the fresh catch of the day is just a cast away.

For animal enthusiasts, South Iceland is home to amazing wildlife. You’ll be sure to see a unique species of bird or fish each time you visit! Avid bird watchers can visit the Flói Bird Reserve, which is listed in the Bird Life International Association.

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