News Mar 19, 2015

Solve Brain Teasers & Riddles at ‘Reykjavik Escape,’ a New Icelandic Attraction

Put your teamwork and problem solving skills to work by solving a series of mysteries.

A new activity and exciting attraction located in Reykjavik’s central area, Reykjavik Escape is a live interactive escape game where you will be locked inside a room with 3-5 people, brain teasers, riddles and mysteries, and given only 60 minutes to escape. To successfully complete the challenge, puzzles and riddles must be solved in less than 60 minutes and the final riddle holds the key to the locked door for you escape — it will certainly get your adrenaline pumping!  

Reykjavik Escape offers three different escape rooms:

Prison Break: Players have been framed for murder and are imprisoned before their execution. They need to escape before it is too late! The prison guard has stepped out of his office for 1 hour which provides the prisoners with a window of opportunity to escape.

The Scientist: A genius scientist has discovered a miraculous cure to any form of cancer – it is rumored to be a previously unknown species of the mushroom family. Its wondrous properties are worth a fortune, and you and your accomplices have broken into his laboratory to steal his discovery. Unfortunately, the paranoid scientist has booby trapped the room and you are trapped in his laboratory. Can you escape before the police arrive?

Taken: You and your young friends have been kidnapped by a mysterious lady! Waking up in a strange playroom, you realize that you are trapped. Fortunately, you have discovered some clues left by a girl who managed to escape successfully. Can you and your friends work together to uncover the identity of the mysterious lady and escape unharmed before she returns?

Reykjavik Escape is a fun way to work on your teamwork and problem solving skills and to improve your relationship with your family and friends.

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