Music & Art Oct 25, 2013

Slate Calls Iceland ‘Home of the World’s Craziest Population Statistics’

Is Iceland the most literary and sports-mad country on the planet? Sort of.

Iceland’s total population is only about 300,000, so it doesn’t take much to get 2-3 percent of the population to attend events.

A recent article in Slate pointed out that 6,000 Icelanders, equal to two percent of Iceland’s population, came out to protest the government. When 3,000 fans attend a World Cup qualifying match, that’s 1 percent of the entire country’s population.

Another ‘crazy’ statistic is that two-thirds of Iceland’s population lives in the capital city of Reykjavik. Iceland’s statistics agency predicts that the country’s population is expected to climb to between 430,000 and 490,000 by 2060. These projections are based on migration trends as well unemployment, GDP and number of graduates to make their short term-projection up to 2017.

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