Nature & Environment Mar 18, 2016

Seven Tips For Photographing Iceland

Follow these simple steps to beautifully capture Iceland’s landscapes!

Photographing the landscapes of Iceland can be one of the most gratifying experiences while visiting the country. Follow the tips below, courtesy of Giuseppe Milo, for professional looking photos that will take you back to Iceland while you’re sitting at home planning your next trip.

 1) Plan winter travel meticulously – When traveling to Iceland during the winter months, be sure to schedule your day accordingly. Keep in mind, sunrise is closer to 11 a.m. and sunset is around 3:30 p.m., leaving you with a mere 4.5 hours of daylight. Some of Iceland’s incredible landscapes can also be hidden by strong winds and snowy conditions. That being said, during the Christmas season, the bright lights and inviting markets add to the beauty of the landscape.

2) Take advantage of the architecture – Reykjavik has beautiful buildings and monuments that are just waiting to be photographed. Even outside of the capital city will find plenty opportunities to photograph architecture, like the majestic Dyrhólaey lighthouse on the south coast.

3) Have camera accessories ready – A tripod can be used to capture waterfalls and sunsets, especially in low light situations. A neutral-density filter can also be used with a slow shutter speed to reduce light.

4) Astrophotography is superior in the winter – With a minimal amount of light pollution, Iceland is an ideal environment for astrophotography. The visibility of the aurora borealis, aka, northern lights, also increases during this time of year.

5) Longer golden hour in the summer – Iceland’s “Midnight Sun,” a phenomenon where in the summer months the sun virtually never sets, provides photographers with an abundance of excellent light. Sunrise and sunset are very slow, giving you one to two “golden hours.” Plus, summer weather is generally warmer, which can make traveling to remote locations much easier.

6) Explore less visited areas – Travel to the most southwest region and you will find fantastic landscapes that are commonly less explored. When you reach the coast it can feel like you are on a different planet when looking at the wildly beautiful scenery!

7) Do not forget Blue Lagoon – Blue Lagoon is considered one of the 25 wonders of the world. Not only can you take breathtaking photos of the lagoon, but you can bathe in the water while enjoying an Icelandic beverage.

Do you have any tips for photographing Iceland? Let us know in the comments!