Nature & Environment Oct 28, 2016

See Why Iceland Has Become A Must-See European Destination

Iceland continues to see growth in tourism and popularity among American travelers!

Iceland’s popularity as a tourist destination for American travelers has risen dramatically recently; in fact, Americans have become the largest demographic of tourists to the country. In 2016, nearly 325,000 Americans made the short journey to the Nordic country, and with tourism still increasing, the country expects to see even more U.S. visitors before the year is over.

A trip to Iceland is 26 percent cheaper than other European destinations, and airline carriers such as Icelandair, which offer special travel deals and packages, make travel to the country very affordable. Finding accommodation in Iceland easier than ever before due to an increase in luxury hotels and services like Airbnb.

If you’re traveling on to another European destination, try Icelandair’s Stopover Service! Passengers can stay in Iceland for up to seven nights for no additional airfare charge. The Stopover Buddy service gives passengers the chance to explore Iceland with their very own local travel friend.

Another factor contributing to the popularity and increase of tourism to Iceland has been current pop culture. Popular American shows such as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Bachelorette have featured Iceland and its popular attractions in episodes! Iceland has also been featured as the backdrop to some of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters. From Game of Thrones to Justice League, you can find the beauty of Iceland in dozens of feature films and television shows. Click here to view an interactive map of those filmed in Iceland.

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