Food & Drink Nov 21, 2013

Rolling Stone Reviews Iceland Airwaves 2013 Music Festival

The 2013 Iceland Airwaves festival featured more than 300 acts over the course of five nights in the capital city, Reykjavik. Rolling Stone’s David Frick was in attendance and recently published an article titled “Searching For the Next Big Local Things at Iceland Airwaves,” which reviews several performances from the long weekend. While the festival is held in Iceland, a great deal of international artists attended, including Omar Souleyman (Syria), Savages (Britain), Midlake (Canada), Yo La Tengo (U.S.), Fatima Al Qadiri (Kuwait) and Mykki Blanco (U.S.), among others.

One international band that Frick highlights is Kraftwerk, a german band, that performed the finale show of Iceland Airwaves. Frick describes the Kraftwerk performance as “A definition of contradiction: Pop’s most influential catalog of electronic dance music performed at hone-rattling volume for a seated audience by four men who barely move at all.” You can watch a video of Kraftwerk’s unique Iceland Airwaves performance here, with an enormous 3D screen behind the four-member band in neon and black uniforms.

Also featured prominently in the article is the seven-member Icelandic band Grisalappalisa who performed to a packed room at Gamli Guakurinn. Frick describes this band as “an eccentric, gripping charge of hardcore verve, R&B grounding and avant-garage challenge,” and ends by saying “my affair with this dynamite starts here.”

Click here to read the full article in Rolling Stone and learn about other Iceland Airwaves 2013 performances.