Products & Services May 18, 2016

Ride Through Iceland’s Stunning Scenery on Horseback!

Find out why Icelandic horses are so well-loved.

Is there a better way to explore Iceland than on the back of one of the country’s national treasures? The Icelandic horse is a true symbol of Iceland, and their small yet sturdy stature makes them perfect for riding. Reykjavik Riding Center is one of the many horseback riding companies in Iceland that offer rides showcasing Iceland’s scenic beauty.

Reykjavik Riding Center has five tour options ranging from $110 to $200. If you’re interested in a private horseback riding lesson, Reykjavik Riding Center offers an hour long class so you can learn the basics of Icelandic horse riding. Another option is Íshestar, which is located in the Greater Reykjavik municipality of Hafnarfjörður. The staff members at Íshestar are multilingual and can cater to all levels of riding. Finally, if you’re looking to explore more than Iceland’s natural scenery, try The Icelandic Horse for tours including micro breweries and relaxing spa experiences after riding.

Want to learn more about horse-riding tours in Iceland? Watch the video below for a taste of what it’s like!