Music & Art Jan 25, 2013

Reykjavik’s Stunning Concert Hall Featured in Architectural Digest

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center Lights Up Reykjavik's Harbor

Featured in the February issue of Architectural Digest, the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center, which is viewed as an architectural maverick and jewel of Reykjavik’s harbor, breathes new vibrancy and mystique into Reykjavik. Even before the official grand opening of the concert hall in 2011, this charming venue seduced the Iceland locals and visitors alike with its irresistible multi-colored facade of sparkling glass.

According to Fred Bernstein of Architectural Digest, architectural structures at their best “engage, exhilarate, and inspire” — and that is exactly what the Harpa does for the city of Reykjavik.  Bernstein describes the Harpa as possessing the kind of power to cross boundaries and “make architecture a force for activating cities and reenergizing cultures.”

The brainchild of architecture firms Henning Larsen and Batteriio and acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson, the Harpia is  an asymmetrical structure that is covered in a skin of LED-illuminated glass and steel bricks. Additionally, the crystal shell serves as the perfect complement to the collection of rough and geometric volumes on the structure. This type of artistic and architectural collaboration has the power to rejuvenate the dazzling city and culture of Iceland.

In addition to the architectural beauty, the most astonishing feature of this structure occurs when night falls and the exterior LED strips light up, altering the waterfront landmark into a symbol of pure elegance and allure. This fascinating and enchanting display of lights is as breathtaking as the northern lights themselves.

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