Products & Services Nov 14, 2019

Reykjavík Wins Travel News Market’s “Gold Award” as a Travel Destination for 2020!

Travel News Market recognizes Reykjavík as the #1 must-see location for weekend travelers.

Reykjavík, Iceland’s admired capital city that is home to more than 120,000 people, earned the Travel News Market’s Gold Award for tourism. Travel News Market, the largest travel exhibition held in Sweden, reached these results by conducting a survey of over 2,000 individuals to assess trends of international and domestic travel.

Reykjavík earned the Gold Award in the “premium” category for a weekend trip. Within this category, premium travelers are defined as individuals or groups looking for unique experiences, and they are willing to spend more money to make those dreams a reality. This Icelandic city received the most premium traveler votes at 18.1% of the total, surpassing Rome in second place and Paris in third.

Aside from premium travelers, other categories in this survey included locations for both cheaper and safer traveling preferences. Subcategories were weekend trips, week trips and long trips.

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