Products & Services Jun 25, 2015

Reykjavik University Creates Iceland School of Fisheries

This new program explores management, marketing, science and innovation for fishing industry professionals.

The fishing industry accounts for 40% of Icelandic exports, making it an integral part of Iceland’s economy. It only makes sense to utilize that expertise to further the development of this industry worldwide.

Open University is doing just that. A division of Reykjavik University, Open University aims to increase the knowledge base of working professionals or companies in a variety of areas. The Icelandic fishery industry uses the newest technology for fishing and fish processing, so a program like this will serve as a valuable resource for professionals to stay current on the latest industry trends. Their latest addition will offer a three-session opportunity for fishery managers and specialists to continue their industry learning.  The topic of each session varies from fisheries management to fish farming to marketing.

Each session lasts a week, consisting of lectures and visits to greater-Reykjavik companies. Each week will conclude with a full-day trip to a company outside the Reykjavik area. Students can choose which session they would like to attend or pick all three sessions at a discounted rate.

Anyone interested in attending can contact Open University for more information.