Apr 30, 2018

Reykjavik Named Greenest City in the World!

Plan your next nature-filled getaway in Iceland.

Despite its name, Iceland has always been known for its scenic green views and lush natural wonders, but it wasn’t until recently that the country’s capital of Reykjavik was officially named the Greenest City in the World.

The Green Cities Travel Index, published by TravelBird, analyzed mapping data from 50 of the most popular city destinations and evaluated the types and number of green spaces in each city, such as parks, golf courses, vineyards, and farms.

Beating out 50 other scenic cities like Auckland and Gothenburg for the title, Reykjavik boasts over 400 square meters of green space per inhabitant. This number is boosted largely by Reykjavik’s vast number of national parks, making the city a perfect destination for hikers, photographers, and nature-lovers alike.

With the United Nations estimating that two-thirds of the world will be urbanized by 2050, preserving these green spaces in cities like Reykjavik is important in providing stress-relief, encouraging physical activity, and promoting overall positive well-being.

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