News Jul 25, 2012

Reykjavik Jazz Festival

Calling all jazz enthusiasts! The annual Reykjavik Jazz Festival is here once again. From August 18th to September 1st, visitors from all over the world are invited to unite around the sounds of international jazz sensations. Organized by The Jazz Department FIH, Reykjavik, the state fund for music, and FIH cultural meeting, the Reykjavik Jazz Festival will feature many international jazz artists throughout the two weeks. Artists including Band Hooves Lion, Defekt, Tenor giant and Toldam, Jim Black’s Alaz No Axis, and many more will perform at this year’s festival.

While the majority of shows will take place in Harpa, there will also be additional off-venue performances for guests to enjoy at varied locations. What could be better than exploring Iceland and connecting with jazz enthusiasts from around the world?

Here is the line up for the festival:

Saturday August 18th – Culture Night

6:00- Cookie Hostel. Introduction and training.

8:00 – Harpa. Live music and interesting Addresses. Free admission

Sunday August 19th

3:00 Church Independent  – Thanksgiving Concert. Salute to older gentlemen out of Icelandic jazz history. Free admission

Monday August 20th

7:00 Nordic House – Looking to the future. Young and aspiring jazz musicians perform.

8:00 Kaldalon’s Harpa – Deborah Davis and band of Jazzhatioar.

Tuesday August 21st

8:00 Northern Harpa – Tord Gustavsen quartet

Wednesday August 22nd

5:00 Ingolfstorg – big band Samuel Jon Samuelsson

9:00 Café Rosenburg – Toldam and tenor giant

Thursday August 23rd

7:30 – Nordic House, House orchestra and more

9:00 Ari Bragi Karason and Melosmetiq

Friday August 24th

8:00 Kaldalons Harpa and more

9:30 Gym and Tonic on Cracker – Brink man ship. Urban elektro Jazz

Saturday August 25th

11:30 Spar Harpa – Solo Piano

8:00 Spar Harpa- Intermezzo Jazzhatioar and more

Sunday August 26th

4:00 Tristano-project

8:00 Iono- Quartet Flosason

Monday August 27th

7:30 Nordic House – Magnus Johannessen trio

8:30 Iono

Tuesday August 28th

7:30 Nordic House- Scott McLemore wuintet

8:30 Iono- Thomas Einarsson and Ragnheiour Grondal and more

Wednesday August 29th

7:30 Nordic House- Defekt with Sigurd Rognvaldssyni

8:30 Iono- Alas no Axis. Jim Black, Chris Speed, Skuli Sverrisson and Hilmar Jensson

Thursday August 30th

8:00 Iono- Bjorn Thoroddsen trio

9:30 Gym and Tonic on Cracker- Andrew Thor Gunnlaugsson Nordic Quartet

Friday August 31st

8:00 Nordic House. K Trio and Toms Rudzinskis. Splash Girl

8:00 Eldborg Harpa – Reykjavik big band and guests

Saturday September 1st

11:30 Spar a Choice – AM Concert

8:00 Spar Harpa – Bill Frise and orchestra

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