Business & Government Aug 24, 2015

Reykjavik to House Iceland’s First Cray Supercomputer

Iceland will be home to the Danish Meteorological Institute’s new supercomputer.

You may have already known that Iceland is a great place for efficiently powering and cooling data centers (and if not, you can learn more about that here), but have you heard the latest Icelandic supercomputer news? The benefits of using an Iceland-based data center are enormous, a fact not lost on the Danish Meteorological Institute.

DMI recently announced the purchase of a Cray Inc. supercomputer and storage system. In order to power these devices in the most efficient way possible, they partnered with the Icelandic Meteorological Office to install their new Cray devices at the IMO data center in Reykjavik, Iceland. This new venture is the first time Iceland has hosted a Cray supercomputer.

This collaboration also marks the first remote installation of a production weather system through a joint venture between two national meteorological centers. Finding a company that could provide service to Denmark while hosting in Iceland was a must for DMI.

“It was paramount to us to find a business partner with the organization and skills to install a supercomputing solution in Iceland that could operate remotely 1,300 miles away from Denmark, and Cray filled all the criteria,” said Mrs. Marianne Thyrring, Director General of the Danish Meteorological Institute.   

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