Music & Art Nov 20, 2013

Reykjavik: Great For The Solo Traveler

Europe has a long list of beautiful tourist destinations, but choosing where to go can prove to be a difficult task. The Huffington Post helped out by creating a list of the top 10 amazing European destinations for the solo traveler, and Reykjavik is one of them!

Reykjavik offers the best of both worlds, with both stunning landscapes and urban sites; perfect for the traveler who wants to experience the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Northern Lights all in the same night. As one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, Reykjavik is “a major attraction for solo travelers who want to stray outside the box.”

Also included on the list were destinations such as Helsinki, Finland; Berlin, Germany; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Click here to see the full list of destinations and start planning your European exploration (Reykjavik included) today!