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Reykjavik Arts Festival: May 17 – June 2

Established in 1970, the Reykjavik Arts Festival is Iceland’s premier cultural festival, bringing together the best in local and international theatre, dance, music and visual art. For two weeks each year, the festival presents several exhibitions and performances of contemporary and classical works in major cultural venues and unconventional spaces throughout the city.

The focus of the 27th Reykjavik Arts Festival, which takes place May 17 – June 2, is on the creative space where the arts intersect; on new works and reinterpretations of older works; on innovation; and on history as a source of inspiration.

A major strength of the RAF is its great diversity, which is highlighted this season in the extraordinary number of participating artists, both Icelandic and international.

Opening on May 16 with a newly commissioned work in the central area of Reykjavik harbor, the RAF will feature nearly 600 artists from more than 30 countries taking part or having their works presented in museums, libraries and concert halls across the city.

The RAF closes on the evening of Sunday, June 2 with another newly commissioned work in Harpa Concert Hall’s Eldborg. 

Since its inception in 1970, the RAF has invited hundreds of artists from across the world to perform or exhibit at the festival. Through this activity, the RAF has helped to create a vast network of connections between national and non-national artists, been a catalyst for the creation of new works, and established itself as a major force in the development of cultural diversity in Iceland.

Tickets are now on sale at, via the ticket office phone (+354 561 2444) and, for events in Harpa, including in Eld­borg and Norð­ur­ljós, at +354 528 5050. 

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