Music & Art Nov 10, 2016

The Reviews Are In! Airwaves Marks Its 18th Year of Success

From Rolling Stone to GQ, critics can’t get enough of Iceland Airwaves.

Every year, Iceland Airwaves receives great reviews from some of the world’s biggest news outlets. This year was no exception! Read some of this year’s reviews below:

Rolling Stone

“Airwaves was itself a vigorous extension of the festival’s usual creative and patriotic idealism” – David Fricke


“Iceland Airwaves is the best music festival in the west.” – Tiffany Murray


“It’s especially great when a lot of the music you’re seeing is stuff you’ve never heard of. Airwaves’ lineup is obviously stacked with Icelandic bands, but there’s a smattering of acts from all over.” – Gabriela Tully Claymore

Reykjavik Grapevine

“The thing with Airwaves is that the venues, times, and crowds are so variable that no two shows are ever going to be the same. And sometimes, especially with newer bands you have never heard before, it helps to see them in different contexts.” – Parker Yamasaki

The Guardian

“The bookers deserve a mention because they’ve ensured that wherever you alight, at whichever of the dozen or so venues in town (with a couple on the outskirts), you’re bound to find something of interest.” – Paul Lester

Check out #IcelandAirwaves on Instagram to take a look at photos and videos from the numerous events that took place throughout the city! Here are some of our favorites:

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myendlesstravels: Inside Harpa. Such a cool building. It was such a fun venue to see multiple bands play in at Iceland Airwaves #wanderlust #travel #reykjavik #iceland ##icelandairwaves

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