Music & Art Dec 11, 2013

PSFK: Restore Your Creativity in Iceland

PSFK published an article titled “10 Ways Iceland Cures the Creative Blues.” While most tourists visit the country during the summer months when the sun remains visible 24 hours a day, this author points out “what a perfect destination it is in the colder months, especially for those seeking to refuel those creative juices.”

From mossy hills and black sand beaches to romantic stories of Icelandic history, the author is inspired by every aspect of the country’s culture. Parting from the traditionally popular south coast, the she visits the east coast, stopping to visit Reyðarfjörður, take a dip in a natural hot pool, explore a snowy cave, ride an Icelandic horse, and, of course learn about the elves.

Check out the author’s stunning photos of Icelandic landscapes or read the full article in PSFK.