Food & Drink Nov 19, 2020

Prepare Holiday Lamb the Icelandic Way!

Learn the unique and traditional method for preparing holiday lamb.

Did you know that traditionally, Icelandic lamb was smoked with horse or sheep dung? Though today most people prefer birch-smoked lamb, if you are feeling brave you can still find “Taðreykt Hangikjöt“ or dung smoked hung meat in Icelandic supermarkets. 

What is “hung meat”? This is a method of preparing lamb that takes its name from the old tradition of smoking food in order to preserve it by hanging it from the rafters of a smoking shed. “Hangikjöt” or “smoked lamb” is a traditional Christmas meat in Iceland, and is often served with potatoes in a sweet bechamel sauce and pickled red cabbage.

In this video from Icelandic Lamb, Icelandic sheep farmers Matthías and Hafdís smoke their own lamb with 16 year-old sheep dung. They fill their furnace with sausages, whole legs of lamb, “lostalengjur” bites and other gourmet food. 

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